Frequently Asked Questions

Your virtual bundles will need to be setup as FBM.  This allows FBA Easy Packs to find and fulfill the order.

Unless your adding a new virtual bundle as a variation to an individual product, you do not have to make any changes.  The individual products being use to build bundles must be FBA.

Yes, you can.  There are two choices.  You can disable some or all of your bundles.  Or, you can disconnect the integration between FBA Easy Packs and Amazon.

Over the several years FBA East Packs has been in operation, we have never had a user’s Amazon seller account get shutdown.  In order for FBA Easy Packs to integrate with Amazon, we had to meet a variety of requirements for each marketplace before Amazon would allow our API access.

We have many success stories from users using our service.  Some have done over $1.7m in sales.  In total, FBA Easy Packs had fulfilled over $6m in orders.

FBA Easy Packs is also not the only software that does FBM bundle routing back to FBA. We’re just the only solution that focuses on that one problem. The other service that does virtual bundling has a wide variety of other unrelated features and costs far more per month for that reason.

Yes.  Please contact support and we’ll help you through the process.

Yes.  You can create a new account for each marketplace you wish to sell bundles in.

Yes, but not everyone has access to it.  And, it is not clear what criteria Amazon uses to select the sellers they decide to invite.

FBA Easy Packs does not buy products from your seller account to fulfill your bundle orders.  Amazon allows sellers to place orders from their inventory.  FBA Easy Packs simply does the same through API integration.  You only pay are the typical fees to Amazon you do now.

Yes.  First have them sign up for a trial account.  Then, invite them to manager your account by going to your user icon at the top right, click “Manage My Account”, then “Users” in the left menu.  Finally, click the “Invite Account User” button and complete the invite form.

Yes, you can cancel anytime.  Just send us a support ticket and we’ll help you do so.

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