What is Virtual Bundling?

The Selling Strategy

The strategy is very simple to understand. Let’s say that you sell swim caps and goggles.  Your inventory includes 2 different colors of both items, pink and blue.  On Amazon marketplace, you list them separately as 1 package of pink goggles, 1 package of blue goggles, 1 pink swim cap, and 1 blue swim cap.  You have 4 listings waiting to be seen, amidst every other vendor’s single product listings.

List These Same Four Products in New Ways

With our EASYPacks software, you can use that same inventory and list them in a variety of bundle combinations. You could list them in multi-packs of 2 or more of the same or varied colors. You can create bundles that include both swim caps and goggles together. The combinations are only limited by your imagination.  So now you have 5-10 times the opportunities for sales by differentiating your offerings which leads to higher sales. Best of all, you can do it without changing inventory and while still having Amazon fulfill the orders. It’s truly amazing!

Power of the Software

Our dirty little secret is that you really don’t need the software to sell bundles this way; but trust me, when you are successful, you will be begging to have it. The technique came first almost by accident and later the software was created to facilitate the technique. 

All you have to do is create an FBM listing that includes your FBA products in the bundle. Using the example above, create a bundle named “Blue & Pink Goggle Set” that includes one pair of blue and one pair of pink goggles. When you get an order from Amazon, you log into your account and create a second order from yourself for the two items and have it ship to the customer. When Amazon ships the product, you copy the tracking number and paste it back into the original FBM order. Voila, you have sold a bundle and had Amazon ship it from your inventory.

It almost goes without saying, it is nearly impossible to manage even a modest amount of orders this way. That is where FBA EASYpacks comes in. The software keeps track of everything and makes sure that all orders ship on time. You don’t have to do anything other than make sure you don’t run out of inventory.


Here is our dirty little secret.

You don’t need the software to sell bundles this way. ​

… but guaranteed, you'll want it.

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